OneTeluguMedia(Hyderabad): Watch Exclusive Video About Secrets Of Samantha Love Story On Her Engagement Saree. Read the Secrets of Samantha Weared gold color saree in her engagement party.

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Most charming and beautiful actress Samantha got engaged with the handsome hero Naga Chaithanya. Samantha Weared a gold color saree in her engagement on sunday. the saree was designed by the one of the famous designer in mumbai and samantha was most beautiful in the gold color saree. nagarjuna and samantha released the engagement photos in the social media and the photos were going viral on the internet.

The secret of the saree tells the love of the samantha on the nagachaithanya because the saree contains the photos in the emmayachesave movie scenes and the samantha chaithu latest photos so it says the how samantha gives the importance to the naga chaithanya.

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